RED Review

Today I am excited to be a part of the Transplanted Tales 10-Year Anniversary Blog Tour. The year long event kicks off today with Red by Kate SeRine. Kensington is giving the series a fresh new look and Kate is hosting a year long giveaway in addition to tours for each book. Come check itContinue reading “RED Review”

Aftermath- Book Review

The opening of the book had me hooked with an explosion in a performance hall. It detailed a girl who was with her two friends who had managed to escape. Her two friends wasn’t so lucky and she already had a mental disorder, now this led to having PTSD as well. She is in desperateContinue reading “Aftermath- Book Review”

Call Me Elizabeth Lark

REVIEW 20 years after the disappearance and suspected murder of Myra’s 8 year old daughter…in walks in to your B&B, a woman and child that is a mirror imagine of what her daughter would have looked like if she was now 28! She even possessed a necklace that was engraved with her daughters initials andContinue reading “Call Me Elizabeth Lark”

I am so excited to reveal the cover for Charlie Laidlaw’s upcoming novel, Everyday Magic! Read on for more info! Everyday Magic Expected Publication Date: May 26th, 2021 Genre: Literary fiction/ Contemporary Fiction/ Humour Carole Gunn leads an unfulfilled life and knows it. She’s married to someone who may, or may not, be in NewContinue reading

Night Fall

by Nancy Mehl April 19-30, 2021 Tour REVIEW: -The Train Man, A NUSERY RHYME Do you hear the Train Man rumbling in the night? Can you see his dreadful face grinning in delight? If you hear his horrid wheels clicking round and round, Cover your head and plug your ears to block the frightful sound.Continue reading “Night Fall”

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