RED Review

Today I am excited to be a part of the Transplanted Tales 10-Year Anniversary Blog Tour. The year long event kicks off today with Red by Kate SeRine. Kensington is giving the series a fresh new look and Kate is hosting a year long giveaway in addition to tours for each book. Come check itContinue reading “RED Review”

Aftermath- Book Review

The opening of the book had me hooked with an explosion in a performance hall. It detailed a girl who was with her two friends who had managed to escape. Her two friends wasn’t so lucky and she already had a mental disorder, now this led to having PTSD as well. She is in desperateContinue reading “Aftermath- Book Review”

Call Me Elizabeth Lark

REVIEW 20 years after the disappearance and suspected murder of Myra’s 8 year old daughter…in walks in to your B&B, a woman and child that is a mirror imagine of what her daughter would have looked like if she was now 28! She even possessed a necklace that was engraved with her daughters initials andContinue reading “Call Me Elizabeth Lark”

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