This was a very quick read. The protagonist is a psychologist and she has a new client. Initially, she thought he might be able to be helped. However, as the sessions kept passing he told her in passing that he knew where a dead body was that the police have no idea. Well she becomesContinue reading

Book Hoarder Problems

I currently have 2k physical books and I’m a terrible librarian 🤣! How many books do you own?

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  The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes, Part I Fiction, Drama Publisher: ‎Xlibris Mary, is an established woman. Her lifespan is a petrifying mess. This is about dating a truly creepy sociopath, one who swindled himself through life. A self-absorbed, lying person using people. He presents himself with a public persona ofContinue reading

1 of 3 The Marriage Game by Sara Desai Genre: Romantic Comedy *** 2021 Romance Writers of America Vivian Award Finalist *** “This novel has all the funny banter and sexy feels you could want in a romantic comedy.”–NPR A high stakes wager pits an aspiring entrepreneur against a ruthless CEO in this sexy romanticContinue reading

Bayou Beauty, an all-new heart-warming small-town romance from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake is now available! Love returns to Louisiana’s Butterfly Bayou in a new small-town contemporary romance sure to charm hearts, from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake. Sylvie Martine was prepared to take Washington D.C. by storm, but she putContinue reading

Safekeeping Review/Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway

The book opens up to a woman in a major car accident and when the EMTs showed up, she said “My name is Sonia Rossi, and I’m wanted for murder.” That hooked me immediately! The book is told from multiple POVs and flashes back to the past. Sonia now in prison after being charged withContinue reading “Safekeeping Review/Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway”

With Or Without You

You do not want to miss out of this book! One of my favorites this year! This book was a perfect read! It brought out so many physical feelings in me that kept me wanting more! Imagine being in a wonderful marriage with the love of your life and after a night of partying withContinue reading “With Or Without You”

The Perfect Murder

This is my first book that I have read from the maximum security series. It definitely won’t be the last. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Reese Garrett is the CEO and his administrative assistant is Kenzie. Kenzie is getting a divorce and sparks fly. Reese is extremely attracted to her, all is well until Kenzie’sContinue reading “The Perfect Murder”

Summer Reading

  The Matchmaker Chronicles Duets, Book 1 Chick Lit, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Women’s Fiction Publisher: Mapp & McCurry LLC Mothers. Meddling. Matchmaking. What could possibly go wrong? Best friends Rina Thorn and Maggie Barnes decide it’s time to help their not-even-looking-for-love children find their happily ever afters. Ander Thorn will do anything for his motherContinue reading “Summer Reading”

Romance Book Tour

  Big Sky Dreamers, Book 3 Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Women’s Fiction Release Date: June 29, 2021 A journey of healing, hope and love. SEAN He loves running his family pub and the expansion into brewing is his contribution to the family legacy. But he hates seeing sad women in his pub, so he flirts, charmsContinue reading “Romance Book Tour”

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