Project Indie Book Box

Do you love to support Indie Authors? Who doesn’t right. Well let me share with you the story behind Project Indie Book Box…



Project Indie was created to be a place where readers can enjoy undiscovered authors and indie authors could have a place to share their amazing work. 

Project Indie was formed and created by Abigail Lane and her partner Steven Maxwell. Abigail Lane is an indie author herself and saw the struggles that indie authors go through to get publicity and recognition for their book in a publishing world. Because of this, Abigail wanted to create a space where indie authors could get recognized for their work and have it be enjoyed by readers across the world. 

Project Indie is designed to be a monthly subscription box in which a new author is featured every month. In these boxes, you will receive a signed copy of the author’s work, a letter from the author, and 2-3 themed bookish goodies that you can use and enjoy. We hope you join the Project Indie family!


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