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Friends and Book lovers! Most of us LOVE Indie authors because let’s face it some Indie books are just way better than a lot of the Big 5 publishing houses books. However, they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

This new book box, which you can order monthly, is priced reasonable, it’s owned by an Indie Author and it features 1 indie signed book per month with 2-3 bookish items.

Use my promo code: GetLit for even more savings 💜

There is still time to order May’s box and plus they have a special mental health box on sale for only $22!! Plus $3 of that will be donated to charity!

What are you waiting for, order now!


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I’m a born and bred Cajun Girl! Proud Mom of a Neurodiverse family! Some might call us weird...I say, at least we are interesting! Books are my BFF! Learning is Living and Reading is Life!

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