The Lost Apothecary


Holy WOW! When you have a book with a beautiful cover AND it’s read beautifully it’s an absolute 5 star read!

Told from the POV from the apothecary in the 1790’s and the present, Caroline, who happens to stumble upon a vile with a bear on it and she begins to research where this vile came from.

This book has everything in it…mystery, suspense, love, hate, history and a touch of fantasy. This book will win over all readers, no matter what your genre preference!

An awesome debut novel and I can not wait to read more from her.

Books that cross multi-genres are always the best!

Published by Jodie

I’m a born and bred Cajun Girl! Proud Mom of a Neurodiverse family! Some might call us weird...I say, at least we are interesting! Books are my BFF! Learning is Living and Reading is Life!

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