Lone Star

My heart is with the people in my neighboring state of Texas that are without power and freezing in their homes! I live in Louisiana and thankfully we were spared and didn’t lose power.
@whimsyreadswithshelby has been generous to start the #stackforacause by donating $1 to amazing charities to help the victims in TX for every #lonestarbookstack created until Feb 19th.

There have been several others who have joined her in donating $1 as well!

Let’s raise that money #bookstafam and show your #lonestarbookstack by today!!

Okay, this was a crazy hard #bookstackchallenge for me! I am not an artist in any sense of the word. Check out my first star attempt below, and you will see what I mean 🤣!

What is your biggest weakness or strength?


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